Become an SB RETAILER!


Potential customers are required to register for an account to become a SB Retailer. Complete the registration form below (copy and paste it) and email it to An account manager will contact you within 2-3 business days. Southern Belle Wholesale requires applicants to have a retail store front and/or an e-commerce website. Only established e-commerce websites will be approved. Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon only applicants do not qualify. We will require and verify a copy of your state retail sales tax license prior to approving all accounts.  We screen each new applicant and reserve the right to deny any applicant or request additional information including, but not limited to, photos of your store, company history, and/or other lines you carry, prior to approval.   

Our website, products, and services are intended for business owners purchasing merchandise and services for resale only.  Group buy-ins, flea market environments, and consignment stores do not qualify for a wholesale account. Providing fraudulent information, failure to maintain an active status, ordering for a nonqualified buyer and/or not maintaining a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for in season products will result in the termination of a wholesale account. Although we cannot guarantee absolute territory protection, we can promise that we strive to work with our retailers to contribute to their success. 

Southern Belle Wholesale Application

ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED. Please enter 'none' if a field does not apply to you.

First Name:

Last Name:

Company Name:

Company Address:

Website (not required):

State Tax ID (required):

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***Please attach or upload an image of your storefront when sending the application


Requirements for retailers


    Retail storefront or functional website

Must order minimum 6 per design (sizes can vary)

    $150 minimum opening order and reorders (must order 6 of the same design with any size variation) 

    $1,000 annual minimum spend

    Must make a purchase every 90 days

    Our brands should not be sold in flea markets, consignment stores, or other discount shops